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Whether you are seeking personal or corporate concierge services, Severton is the best option for you.
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Concierge Services

At Severton, we offer concierge services of the highest standard to all our clients. Whether it’s an individual or a large-scale company, we never compromise on quality and always deliver the services that matter. Our team works with passion and enthusiasm and always comes out like a champ.

We are providing top-quality concierge services for years to busy people like you and successful businesses all over the US. So, whether you run a widely spread commercial office or have a small corporation, get in touch with us now without any hesitation if you need concierge services.

Our Specialities

Commercial Concierge

In the world of real estate, adding high-level amenities like concierge services can give true colors to properties. So the question is: why do you need professional concierge services? The answer is straightforward: whether it’s a client coming to your office or a guest coming to your place for the first time, first impressions play the key role.

So, give us a call now and we’ll offer you the concierge services that enhance your property’s image and boost its market value. Besides, our staff is expert in effectively dealing with last-minute issues.

Residential Concierge

As a residential building owner, you might be aware of the importance of creating a sense of community at a place where people of different colors and cultures live. At Severton, we offer concierge services that help residential property associations build such sense, making people live for a longer period.

In the residential concierge services, we organize fun-filled events for people living in a society. Besides, we also plan catering and other specific services to make people fall in love with your property. So, make a call now and turn your boring residential facility into an engaging place to live.

Corporate Concierge

Your employees play a key role in your company’s success as they spend most of their day at the office, leaving a pretty short time for their personal lives. They will appreciate and get inspired if you understand their situation and provide concierge services to your employees, making them realize that you value their dedication and effort.

So, get your hands on our concierge services, and our team will deal with all the personal activities of your employees like taking their dogs for a walk, clean their houses, plan holidays, and so on. Doing this will help your employees concentrate on their work with focused minds and make their lives less stressful.

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Seosonal Clients

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